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These pages aim at furthering genealogical research on individuals with the Lennan surname (principally in Dublin, Ireland). It is hoped, eventually, to integrate material on all varieties of the L*nn*n surname, or, at least, to provide links to resources available from other researchers of the many versions of the name in Ireland and other areas. The Dublin city area is also featured with several resources. Navigation facilities are to be found at the end of each page. Unfortunately there are no fancy side bars or applets but icons to a site map are to be found on each page.

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Limited material on the origin of the Lennan name, drawn from many sources, is provided on a Lennan bits and pieces page, which contains early references, a discussion of Lennan/Lennon, some Scottish emigrés, and my father's manuscript research which stimulated my interest in genealogy. This has been developed on the basis of sources consulted in Salt Lake City in July 2002. Notes taken are on a early sources sub-page. There is also a sub-page with maps on Irish Lenn*n distributions, as well as Lann*ns, in the 1850s. A page looking at L*nn*n variants in GRO data was added in October 2003 and early Irish manuscripts were expanded, and Irish language interpretations commenced in November 2003. A Lenn*n DNA study was commenced back in 2001, in collaboration with Glenn*ns and Lenn*ns and Y-DNA participants are now invited. In this connection, maps have also been added on the Glenn*n distribution in Ireland. Pages will be added to progressively, and hopefully, eventually, organized more efficiently. For the moment, if lost, click on the 'Site Map' 1.4K .jpg image site map icon icon at the end of each page for navigation choices. You will also find a site search facility on that page.

For those, probably most visitors, attempting to trace their own ancestors, it is undoubtedly best to skip to the data index page. Here, in addition to Dublin L*nn*ns, there are diverse surnames of partners (to be found in the last column of the data). So, to emphasise this message, check out your own surname interest in the data, starting from the index to the data and continuing with the aggregate .pdf file, if your internet connection is slow. Otherwise brave the .html files. If nothing is found, try the specific Donnybrook names on page 3, Donnybrook scouts, or altar boys listings.


My research over the past six years has been more or less concentrated in the Dublin South/Rathdown area of Ireland. In my quest for ancestors, I have progressively built up a spreadsheet database of over 11000 L*nn*n events, mainly in that focussed area, with the addition of Dublin North (and with all other Irish Lennans found included). The information has been extracted from many sources (but primarily the Irish GRO births, deaths & marriages indexes from 1864, in addition to about 700 certificates from the same source, plus material from diverse parish records, Dublin directories, gravestones, convict records, etc.). A subset of this data (over 8500 entries), excluding individuals born in 1900, or after, or marriages after 1920, is available on this website. Failure to construct my own tables (after experience two years ago of hand coding a far simpler one), leaving Excel to do the tedious job for me, meant that these pages were generally quite a download (with many around 1 Mega). These have now been reduced to a maximum of 530k. For those wanting more compact data, alphabetical files in .pdf format can be downloaded (sizes range from 4k for 'UV', to 129k for the John, James and Joseph intensive 'J', and the Marys, Margarets in the 'M'). Possibly, it is even easier to download all the data (at present just over 600K, nearly as small as two of the individual alphabetical pages in html). But do not forget to print out also a copy of the key to the data, which can sometimes be quite cryptic, even to the original compiler! If you just want all the data, without the key download the full 717K pdf data file. The pdf files were several months in advance to start off with. The html files were brought into line in January 2000 (with updates in November 2000 and February 2001) but the pdf material is likely to be added to more frequently than the standard web pages, given that the process is relatively simple. Hopefully, as supplementary information is gathered, this can eventually be added to both sets of pages. I would stress that the data is, at best, a secondary source (even tertiary for the limited material included from the IGI and from Irish Heritage Centres), and subject to all the usual transcription risks - I often find errors in the existing data! However, hopefully it will point readers in the direction of the appropriate primary material. Some comments and statistics on the data are included on a supplementary page.


A truncated family tree of my own Dublin Lennans is included, and some material on my other lines of current research (surnames: Toner - Drogheda, Casey - Dublin & Iowa, USA, Conlan - Kildare, Carroll - Dublin, Kildare and New Zealand) was added in January 2003. Reminiscences of my late father on the Donnybrook area of Dublin South (with a reservation on published work on this subject) are included on separate pages, as well as some research material I have carried out on the coming of the Dublin-Kingstown railway to Dublin. Main links to other L*nn*n data available on the internet are set out on the links page which also gives some other internet resources found to be helpful.

I am always particularly interested in hearing from those researching the L*nn*n surname at home. But I would stress that I have little or no information on US or Canadian L*nn*ns, and only slightly more on one or two branches in Australasia. For these areas, try the experts noted on the 2K .jpg links icon page.


As of March 2000 some information was put on line on Dublin City. As a first effort, some transcripts from the 1888 Thoms' Dublin directory are now included. This may enable obscure Dublin streets etc. to be found and often their corresponding registration districts, parishes and wards. Eventually it is hoped to include references to cross streets and, ultimately, maps of selected areas. Dublin county data was also included.


The Donnybrook section had some additions in September 99. It now has a searchable list of surnames. If you have ancestors hailing from there, a lot more is to come. Although much of it may be mundane, the odd nugget may be there for your family. Check it out. Some additional data on L*nn*ns was added in October 99 and the html markup was validated in early November (so now you will see more or less what was written!) There were some additions to the Lennan/Lennon discussion on page 2 in December, and post October entries were integrated, in both html and pdf form, to the data pages in January 2000. Some extras were added in February, as well as expanded links. March saw quite a bit of activity, with early data references in the data now substantially standardised and available in both html and pdf format. Dublin street finders were a new feature in March. 100 extra events were included in the data pages (in the extra category) and links were checked in November 2000, with another 100 being added in February 2001. The Donnybrook page from May 2001 had full details of the disposal of a large tract of land there by the Earl of Clonmell in 1933. Links were checked in July 2001, the crest replaced, as well as including some others (Carroll and Casey), and some more information was added to the Lenn*n bits and pieces page on early Gaelic Lennans. Additional crests (Toner, O'Herlihy and Foley) were added on the John Lennan descendants' page in mid-July. New data was added to the extra pdf file on 1 November 2001. All links were checked in March 2002. Additional photos were added to daughter, Deirdre, and grandson, Lorcan , pages in June 2002. Irish material on the Lenn*n surname, gathered in Salt Lake City in July 2002, was transcribed here and integrated into the bits and pieces page in early-September. Links to a site map (where there is now a site search facility) were added to the end of each page to ease navigation. Lenn*n data, now over 9400 entries, by initial, in .pdf and .html form, is up to date on the data page from 20 September. Links on the Y-DNA page were added to on 30 November 2002. Photos of ancestors began to be integrated on a separate descendants subpages in January 2003 and other lines, plus photos, progressively included. The Donnybrook page was extended in March 2003 to sub-pages on scouts and altar boys. A further Ken photo page was added in April and links were checked and added. Africa trip pages were added in July 2003. A page looking at L*nn*n variants in GRO data was added in October 2003. In early November links were checked and added. In addition the L*nn*ns were extended back to 606 A.D. on a new early manuscript sources page. This has links to photos of the original sources in the Annals. Work also started on a very basic Irish language page with relevance to variants of the name. Further information and links were added to the early manuscript sources page in January 2004 and the general links page was updated. There were several other minor updates to individual pages through January/February 2005. Two extra pages of Dublin Lennan saddler genealogies, James and William & John were added in May, together with photos of James descendants. In June, the African visits' pages were improved, and a page of photos from others added. In November, Gl*nn*n death and marriage entries in the Irish GRO, from 1864-78, were put on line on the Glenn*n page. In March 2006 the Y-DNA page was updated and further South African new visit pages added (including one on Lennons there) as well as Sri Lanka & California trips. There was a further update to the DNA pages in September 2006 and February 2007. In May 2007 additional data was added to the world data page. Pages for various trips (Namibia and the US and Italy) were added in August 2007, with another update to the DNA pages in September. Further pages were added in March/April 2008 covering recent travel - Montenegro, Turin and La Thuile 2008 and Florida 2008 holidays. Additionally more material was added to the world data page on L*nn*n passenger movements from 1920-60. More data was added to the Irish and world data page in May (including Dublin L*nn*ns in the 1911 Census and bmd data, available for purchase, from the Irish Family History Foundation). L*nn*n entries on this page now number around 21500 (more than double the number on the original data page). Further photos of Carrolls were added to this site and several corrections were made to the ancestor pages in the autumn. The main site had photos added from a California summer trip and an October visit to England. More data was added to the world data page in December covering L*nn*ns in the 1911 Census in Kerry, Antrim and Down, as well as Longford entries from the IFHF. During 2009 and early 2010 holiday photograph pages (Italy, Ireland, US and Mali) were added. In late summer 2010 further information was added on the Casey pages and a number of US photos added. Subsequently Ethiopia and Sicily were added. 0.1K .jpg image new In September/October a California trip was added together with a San Diego house page. Many other pages have been added since for Greenore and San Diego as well as Madagascar, Iceland, New Hampshire, and in 2015 Australia.


Web pages on the totally different topic of Irish railwayana, one giving regularly updated auction prices of Irish memorabilia, the other involving a more detailed insight into the many Irish railway companies, as well as pictures of signs, etc. used, are to be found at the sites set out below. If your ancestors were involved in Irish railways, it could be worth a look. Possibly start off with the historical site. Then if you really want to buy a cast iron sign, which your ancestor may have been familiar with, try the auction prices here for an idea on what you might have to pay.

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