California, Summer 2008

Up to Sonoma and 5 days at Windsor

hay hole Mom, Ken, Steven Mom, Ken, Steven Mom and Steven Sisal carpet Trice
Mom and Trice Trice Trice and tube Trice and tube 2 Mom and Steve Trice, Mom and Trice Lilies and vines
Trice Trice seated Wild plants Trice and Steven Vines Vines 2 rest 1

Cline, Sonoma egg with holes Devon rest 2 Maison de maitre Devon 2 Vines 3 Opera lady

Other days

flower 1 ken ken and steve Trice, crowd gone

flower 2 stomach protuding grounds walking in grounds walking in grounds Mom questioning Trice savouring the wine Mom and trice Mom, Trice and Steven Zinfandel barrels ready to taste water supply vew view 2 Mom, Steve and Trice Mom and Trice Trice Trice and Steve Trice and Steve Trice and Steve Mom Trice Steve, Mom and Trice Trice Wooden location Trice and Steve heading to cave Trice revisting bicycle ride Steve and Trice with dog Mom, Steve and Trice before Dracula mansion and what is up the tree?

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