Glennan and Glennon distribution in Griffiths' Valuation 1848-1864


The maps below show the distribution of the 73 Glennans and 222 Glennons in Griffiths Valuation in the middle of the 19th Century (plotted in GenMap UK). Included are both county distributions and individual locations. Both variants are predominantly based in the Midlands. Neither Glennane (9 in Galway, 1 Limerick, 1 Clare and 1 Roscommon) or Glynnen (1 Westmeath) are included. For bigger images, including a key and Chapman county codes, click on the enlarged images. Use your browser back button to return to this page.


Glennans entries were principally in Meath (23), Roscommon (16), Galway (13), Offaly (8) and Dublin (5) and Kildare (3). Single entries are recorded in Antrim, Laois, Limerick, Tipperary and Westmeath. It will be noted that entries in Kildare (3 Glennans and 6 Glennons) do not appear on these maps, due to a problem in the programme. They do appear in the dot distribution below. Significant Glennon densities were recorded in Westmeath (56), Roscommon (47), Dublin (24), Laois (23), Meath (17), Kilkenny (14), Longford (11), Offaly (7), Galway, Tipperary and Kildare (6, although the latter not shown). Cavan and Down had two entries each and Armagh one. So, all in all, a pretty tight distribution in a band across the middle of the country in both cases, with some extension to the South for Glennons.

small floodfill county Glennan distribution small floodfill county Glennon distribution

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The actual location of entries for Glennon shows an even tighter pattern in the Midlands, with the Galway events mainly being in the west of that county and Tipperary and Kilkenny in the North. The Glennan pattern is quite similar, although a Southern extension is not evident. For a combined plot of Glenn*n, Lenn*n & Glenn*n, see the (G)l*nn*n Y-DNA page.

small dot Glennan distribution small dot county Glennon distribution

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Gl*n**n marriages and deaths 1864-1878

The attached files give all Gl*n**n deaths entries in the Irish GRO indexes 1864-78 (birth years are also included on the basis of the age given at death - not always accurate!) as well as marriages in that index. For more details of individuals you will have to get the details from GRO, Government Offices, Convent Road, Roscommon. What is required, along with 1.5 euros, for receiving a photocopy extract (much better than the more expensive certificates) is the: Christian name, Surname (variant), registration district (given in the pdf file), year (and for 1878, the quarter) and the registration district no. and the page number. The latter numbers are given in the last column of the attached pdf files, but have to be broken down into the district no. and the page no. The page no. will normally be the last three numbers in the column. Where the page no. has less than two numerals, the number will be formatted differently - look out for the space. The district will always be the initial one or two numbers (for instance Dublin is usually 2, but can be 7, 12, 17, Belfast is normally 1, but can be 16). I would note that there will be generally more useful genealogical information provided on marriage certs than on death certs. But also be prepared for a delay in getting this material (6 weeks for my last batch!). 

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