Lennan (and variants): World data

This page will progressively contain L*nn*n data from Irish and non-Irish sources.

Dublin listings for all L*nn*ns in 1911 are now included. These are reproduced in the attached print out with data classified by L*nn*n variant and Christian name. Full details can be found at the national archives site. 0.1K .jpg image newRecent additions are Kerry, Antrim and Down.

At IFHF many records are available for selected counties from the 1700s to recently. The counties covered are Counties Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Cork, Down, Dublin (excl. the city), Fermanagh, Galway, Kildare, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Limerick, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Tyrone & Westmeath. Data is thin post-1920 and the starting dates will be uneven depending on parish registers. Also the index information is limited, the purchase price of an extract is very high and the information recorded is often patchy. But, if you know exactly what you are looking for, it is the only readily available source. The index was searched for L*nn*n (actually Lennan, but giving alternatives) births and the resulting series is here (293K). There are 145 pages of entries (7952 in all), with the first being in 1709 and the last in 1979. Searching for L*nn*n marriages the results are at here (1833K). There are 93 pages of entries (5073 in all), with the first being in 1748 and the last in 2000. Searching for L*nn*n deaths the results are at here (43K). There are 19 pages of entries (1013 in all), with the first being in 1703 and the last in 1995. But recheck from the IFHF website address given above. 0.1K .jpg image newLongford entries have recently added to the IFHF data. The indexes of births (724 in total), marriages (324) and deaths (127) are now included here.

UK medals
The first listings are extracts of Lenn*n data from the UK National Archives. These are purely those accessible from the index for this particular surname. Before paying the requisite fee to obtain the detailed extract, you should verify that the data here corresponds with that on the National Archives site. For this check the references for medals, seamen's medals or seamens' services to check the data all references. Do also browse through all the other explanatory pages. You will have to pay £3.50 to the National Archives or Ancestry.com for each extract of a record you require. The pdf file of the index to Lenn*n data at the National Archives is here

UK 1901 Census data
The second listing is of all Lennans and Lennons extracted from the index to the UK 1901 Census. The pdf file of Lenn*n males and Lennan females in the index is here and that of Lennon females (with a few out of order at the top) is here. The first index, males and Lennan females, is from the 1901 site data and the second, Lennon females, is from ancestry (which you can get by drilling down to UK 1901 Census, without getting diverted by the other goodies). Given the obvious transcription issues e.g. presumably Corlo=Carlow, Kirkanny=Kilkenny, Balladwreen=Balladreen, etc., it may be worthwhile to search for the same person in several indexes (as an example look at the Lennon females A to K from 1901 Census on line here and the data above from ancestry - you can find some occupations in the former but not the parents from the latter). It is unclear whether the individual companies offerings represent separate exercises or more likely one indexing in India. The latter may be ok for mainstream UK placenames but can be thrown by Irish info. It might also be mentioned that different data is freely available from different indexes, so you could get most of what you want from several. In the indexes reproduced here, entries born in Ireland are highlighted and the Lenn*n variety is indicated by 'a' or 'o'. You should always verify from the original secondary sources that what is here is what is there. You will need to go further, and pay, to get the precise details. Thus go to actual index on 1901 or similarly on ancestry, or other data suppliers, where you will need to buy credits or subscribe to order copies of any full entries of interest.

UK 1911 Census data
0.1K .jpg image newA third listing is of all Lennans and Lennons extracted from the index to the UK 1911 Census, which has recently been put on line. The pdf file of Lenn*ns in the index is here starting off with the 25 Lennans and continuing with the 969 Lennons. Other L*nn*n variants have not so far been included. Some of the transcribed names seem a bit doubtful so your ancestor could be hiding elsewhere in the data. This is just the index. Full details are available for payment (about £1 per household, more for a copy of the actual return).

UK Passenger Exits 1890-1960
A fourth listing is of all Lennans and Lennons in BT (Board of Trade)27 outward-bound passenger lists travelling from UK ports between 1890 and 1919. Source is the UK National Archives. Copies of the manifests and transcripts are available on a pay-per-view basis on the find my past website (under Passenger lists leaving UK ports). The pdf file of the index is organised with Lennan names followed by Lennon (indicated in Var. column) ordered by Christian name. Ports of departure and arrival as well as m/f are given. Derived date of births are in the last column (dob), although many adults (with dob here being indicated as e.g. b1878 on the basis of a sailing date of 1899 minus 21) and many are unrecorded. The initial column indicates passengers boarding at Irish ports. More recent data in pdf form has been included in April 2008 to reflect UK passenger exits from 1920 to 1960 which have recently been included on the 'find my past' site. All Lann*ns are included in this data. Ensure that when looking for a Christian name that you look through all L*nn*n variants (which are in separate blocks). The Lennan I wanted in 1923 going to Australia was found under Lannan!

While I have not subscribed, the Guardian back issues site may provide crucial information. Some Lenn*n information from the index is the progress through, and the eventual defeat of, a Miss M. Lennan (Glasgow) in the final of the women's professional billards championship on 11/11/1935. The index of the Sydney Morning Herald has Ernest Harry Lennan in 1961 and several potential obits. In both cases with a simple Lennan search you will get many Mac Lennans. The Irish Times text archives is useful, particularly if ancestors had some links to the rich. A 24 hour search is great value if one can get organised to use it to the full. A similar deal is available for the London Times, but I have yet to search it for Lennans.

Some data on the Lenn*n presence in India can be found here.

Another listing is of all Lennans and Lennons extracted from the US Irish Famine Entry Project, 1846-1851. Source The National Archives & Records Administration Washington, D.C.. The extracted Lenn*ns are here. More details on individual entries can be found free here.

Some data on Lenn*ns in current South African telephone directories is included on a separate page on this site covering the chemist firm Lennon Ltd. in that country.

A number of Irish Lenn*ns recorded in Australia are indicated here. The data at present covers New South Wales and Queensland. The data is sorted by date and then by Christian name. It should assist in acquiring more detailed data in those states, but primary references should first be checked.

A number of Irish Lennons emigrated to Argentina, principally from Westmeath, in the mid 19th Century. Records can be found on the Irish in Argentina website, including a biography of Edward Lennon (1819-1890). The Lenn*ns included on that site are indicated in the pdf file, but these should be checked with the original sources on that site.

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