Ken & Patrice - Botswana trip 2003

The trip

In the first half of July we took a Nouvelles Frontières Adventure trip to Africa (principally Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe). 'TransAfrica' were the organisers at the African end. Catherine was our redoubtable guide, Kevin the driver and Percy the cook. Along with 6 others (Sue, Renelde, Anne-Marie, Claudine, Jean-Marie and another Patrice), we explored the wilderness and returned safely and most refreshed. A very rough itinerary is given on a sub-page.

Below are some of our own poor photos. Others in the group seemed much more professional, on the basis of equipment, and, undoubtedly results, in that respect. But at least the pictures below give a flavour of the trip. Nobody except ourselves will relive the plane ride (see the angle of the horizon!) or be able to see the pride of lions in one photo or elephants and hippos hiding in others. But we remember them! Click to enlarge photos and use back button to return.

Early (Truck, plane etc.)

transafrica truckplacemarkergirls in bushplacemarkerplane ride

group and treeplacemarkerken and treeplacemarkertrice and tree

Okavango Delta (Trip in Mokoros)

expedition 1placemarkerexpedition 2placemarkerexpedition 3placemarkerexpedition 4

expedition 8placemarkerexpedition 9placemarkerexpedition 10placemarkerexpedition 11

canoe ride 1placemarkercanoe ride 2placemarkerTsodilo 1placemarkerTsodilo 2

Tsodilo (Bushman paintings)

Tsodilo 3 Tsodilo 4 Tsodilo 5 Tsodilo 6 Tsodilo 7 Tsodilo 8

Chobe, Zambezi rivers and animals

River 1 Elephant at river River 3 River 4 River 5 Elephants at river

Elephants Elephants 2 Elephants 3 Giraffes Elephants 4 Elephants 5 Lions far away

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