Donnybrook Altar Boys, circa 1923


This page contains some pictures and information on Donnybrook altar boys in the 1920's. Many surnames of those in the photos are provided in the .pdf file below, although the order is not always entirely clear. No further information is, however, available on the names listed.

Altar boys

29K .jpg image of altar boys
Donnybrook altar boys, April 1923 (full image 244K)

As an aid to indicating matches with names in the pdf file, my father is second last on right in second row from top. Myles Dungan is at end right of the row below. The Monsignor is in middle.

Donnybrook confirmation class c. 1923 and altar boys

27K .jpg image of confirmation and altar boys
Donnybrook confirmation class c. 1923 and altar boys (full image 148K)

Again, for identification from the .pdf file, in the second altar boys picture my father is on the right of the Monsignor in the second row up. In the confirmation photo he is second in from the two altar boys on left in the second row (directly above the boy with the wide light cloth cap and white tie).

A full list of most of those appearing in the photos is attached in .pdf format. Blanks in the file are also significant. Lines given do not necessarily reflect rows but just the transcription from the manuscript notes provided. Click on manuscript listing below to enlarge

9K .jpg image of listing
Donnybrook pictures names manuscript listing (full image 94K)


3K .jpg image of cards
L.J.Lennan: Various business cards (full image 16K)

3K .jpg image of motor cycle
L.J.Lennan: Motor cycle insurance (full image 13K)


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