Namibia 2006

The trip

The following are highlights from our December 2006 trip to Namibia. Click to enlarge photos and use back button to return. More photos from the second camera can be found on an additional photos page. A detailed itinerary, with links to places visited and stayed at, is to be found on a following page.

First days (23-24/12)

The truck Patrice inspects first site Explore first site Namibgrens Monkey and goats

The Namib dunes (25/12)

Arrive at dawn Dune 45 at dawn Sun comes up Tree & dunes Climb begins I slow down Trice accelerates Trice further ahead Ken gives up Ken & vista Left behind Way down Lizard for company Terra ferma
45 from afar Ken in desert Across road Trice across road More dunes A break Stability Ken and dunes Ken descends Flower Flower 2 Dune 17 sign
Ken balances Tree Ready for more Balance on dune Ken makes tracks Nearly down

Solitaire and into the Tropics (25/12)

Birds find shade ex-Toyota ad Solitaire shop Tropic & Trice Tropic & Ken
Ever present truck Tropic 4 Landscape 1 Landscape 2 Animals run Bird in tree

Desert flora - Welwitschia mirabilis (26/12)

Plant view Pretty dead looking plant Plant in landscape Yellow flower Another plant
Does it need water? Paysage vista Windy Overlook Desert truck

Swakopmund (26/12)

Ken in town German style architecture German style school
Out of Africa

Plane ride (26/12)

sand vista Sand for far Canyon Desert More sand Dunes More dunes
and more and more coast Not place for shipwreck Sand and sea salt more salt
and more approach Walvis Bay Plane view End of ride Plane and pilot
vegetation dunes more dunes more dunes plane

Cape Cross seals (27/12)

Seals 1 Seals 2 Seals 3 Seals 4 Seals 5 Seals 6 Seals 7
Pups 1 Seals 8 Seals 9 Pups 2 Pups 3 Pups 4 Pups 5

Spitzkoppe (27/12)

Ken - Spitzkoppe arch The crowd Spitzkoppe 5 Spitzkoppe 6 Spitzkoppe 7
Ken at arch couple at arch Ken - Spitzkoppe 2 Spitzkoppe 11
K & T at Spitzkoppe 2 tree

Bushmens' art - The White Lady (28/12)

trek diversion lizard White lady in middle location

Herrera dress + Lennon remedy (28/12)

Herrera lady in shade Semi-precious stones purchases campsite! return from locals bar 1 bar 2
Lennon remedy

Rock pipes & Twyfontein (29/12)

rock pipes pipes Twyfontein engravings rock animals more rock art
yet more art rhino etc. a rock ant eater? giraffes & seal paw prints
more art

Up North to Opuwo (30/12)

puncture bread van Opuwo collision 2 vehicles involved to campsite relax

The Himba Village (31/12)

ochre chief's place grinds meal children house info sales' gathering
examine products purchasing purchase more sellers sellers 2 departure

Visit Opuwo Country Hotel (31/12)

interior interior 2 view

Leave Opuwo, Giraffes and many Cheetahs (1/1)

departure giraffes bar big cat petting? feeding
three cheetahs wilder cheetahs supper time baby cheetah mother and children
cheetah on loose friendly cheetahs hello dinner ken inbibes next day

To Etosha (2/1)

campsite Callaho upmarket waterhole visitors giraffe giraffe & springboks
gemsbok zebras more zebras crowded waterhole elephant rear end elephants big bird
Elephant drinks 1 Elephant drinks 2 Elephant drinks 1 Elephant drinks 4 Gemsbok & bird zebra kudus
jackal jackal 2 jackal & friend jackal 2 giraffe wildebeest
wildebeest 2 sunset sunset at waterhole sunset at waterhole 2

Etosha (3/1)

early start hyeana wildebeest giraffe giraffe 2 lion lion & jackal
lioness in shade hyeana in shade hyeana in shade 2 lionesses lionesses 2 lionesses 3 lionesses 4
lionesses 5 lionesses 6 lionesses 7 lioness retreat lionesses retreat springboks wildebeest
wildebeest 2 elephant elephant 2 flamingos giraffe giraffe 2 lionesses hunt
lion watches lion awaits food sunset 1 sunset 2

Waterburg Plateau area (4/1)

depart Etosha ostrich last campsite beside tent
climb still climbing oophs! old quarry
climb vegetation aggressive ostriches

Waterberg morning (5/1)

cactus flowers more flowers big cactus by pool

Arrive Windhoek (5/1)

Windhoek coffee church railway 2 railway 3 railway 4 railway building

Windhoek (6/1)

wall art 1 wall art 2 wall art 3 wall art 4 Windhoek

site map

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