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Lorcan was born on 22 April 2002. Some photos from an early June trip to Torino by the grandfather are included below. There are also photos of the new abode of the Calos. Finally, Deirdre's photos from May/June are also included.


24k .jpg image of lorcan

24k .jpg image of lorcan

24k .jpg image of lorcan

Calo & Lennan grandfathers, Lorcan & Lorcan 2007


Mr. Incredible 2005 Mr. Incredible 2005

Plus grandfather Asleep In garden Content in sun Awake in sun Lost soother Grandfather + dik lizard searching Sucking and studying Dik lizard searching

Pino + son Petit bateau Cross in petit bateau Waving Asleep with doll

Really asleep Under the vines Under the vines with father Pino and Deirdre on patio Inside with mother


Side Half front Front Front + next door House across street I

House across street II Vines + bucket From upstairs From upstairs II


Pino waving Lorcan during move Pino + Lorcan on path Grandfather, wine and baby

Lorcan + Dik on couch Pino - break from work Pino + Lorcan in Pecetto One month old I

One month old II Lorcan Deirdre and Lorcan I Dik asleep

Deirdre + Lorcan II Cats Dik Lorcan

Lorcan in sun Lorcan Pino + Lorcan I Pino + Lorcan II

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