Lenn*n and Lann*n distributions in Griffiths' Valuation 1848-1864


The maps below show the distribution of the 165 Lennans and 746 Lennons in Griffiths Valuation in the middle of the 19th Century (plotted in GenMap UK version 1.0 - I have yet to replot data in version 2.0). Included are both county distributions and individual locations. It will be noted that entries in Kildare (3 Lennans, 13 Lennons, 1 Lannan but no Lannons) do not appear on the county distribution maps, due to a problem in the programme. They do appear in the dot distribution. Both Lenn*n variants are predominantly based in the northern and eastern parts of the country. For bigger images, including a key and Chapman county codes, click on the small images. Use your browser back button to return to this page.


The county distribution, would suggest some Lennan bias, apart from the highest distribution in Monaghan, in Dublin and Wicklow. Lennons were primarily in Armagh, with Down, Louth and Roscommon following up. Significant densities were also recorded in Longford, Westmeath and Dublin. Distribution of both names in many counties (NW to SW) was either non-existent or small.

small floodfill county Lennan distribution small floodfill county Lennon distribution

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The distribution, in the case of Lennan (165 entries) , would suggest a clear South Armagh, Monaghan, Louth grouping. The Antrim, Tyrone, Derry, North Armagh and Down Lennans could be part of that same group. The Wicklow Lennans would appear to belong to the Carlow, Kilkenny, and Wexford concentration, rather than that of Dublin. There would also seem to be a South Roscommon/Galway pocket. Lennons (746 entries) are more diverse. While also prevalent in similar areas, some greater concentration is recorded in the North East (particularly Down) and in the Midlands (Roscommon, Westmeath and Longford).

small dot Lennan distribution small dot county Lennon distribution

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The Lannan (141 entries) and Lannon (109 entries) distributions, would suggest a more pronounced Western and Southern location. In the case of Lannan, Kilkenny is predominant, with Cork (around Schull) also important. Lannons are more evenly spread with concentrations in Roscommon, Louth and, to a lesser extent, Carlow.

small floodfill county Lannan distribution small floodfill county Lannon distribution

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small dot Lannan distribution small dot Lannon distribution

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A similar analysis and maps of the distribution of Glenn*ns appears on a separate subpage, while a combined plot of Lenn*n, Lann*n & Glenn*n, is to be found on the (G)l*nn*n Y-DNA page. The latter illustrates significant overlapping in the Midlands and the relative absence of observations on the Western seaboard.

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