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Some Dublin information is included on this page to assist those tracing ancestors in Dublin city and county. The first inclusion is that of a 1888 Dublin Street finder on the basis of Thoms' Dublin Directory of that year. The data included is an amalgam of the cross reference of streets in that directory to which is added Registration Area, Parish and Ward information included elsewhere in the more detailed street references. Subsequently cross streets may be added. A second resource is a similar finder for Dublin County. Hopefully, eventually, some rough maps can be added for specific areas.

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Dublin City

The extract below shows the format available for Dublin City. Download the 1888 Dublin City pdf file (92k) or, if you are prepared for a long load, the Dublin City html file (761k).

1888 Dublin Street/Area/Parish/Ward Finder

Street Extra 1 Extra 2 Extra 3 Adjoining Extra 1 Extra 2 Extra 3 Area No. Area 2 No.2 Area 3 No.3 Parish 1 Parish 2 Parish 3 Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3
Abbey Street Lower   Sackville Street     W 1         THO     NDK    
Abbey Street Middle   Sackville Street     N 2         MAY41-63&94-114 THO64-93   NCY    
Abbey Street Old   Marlborough Street     W 1         THO     NDK    
Abbey Street Upper   Capel Street     N 2         MAY1-18,137-151     NCY    
Abercorn Road Upper   Lotts North     E 1               NDK    
Abercorn Terrace     Circular Road North                          


The Dublin City data reference individual streets (first reference) to adjoining street (second reference) and, where available, note registration districts (i.e. S.4, W.1), the civil parish and Dublin Ward or area. Sometimes individual streets are in several parishes or wards. This is indicated by the house numbers in the indicated areas, parishes or wards. In the pdf file this can be truncated, but is usually pretty evident. Some gaps exist (cf. Abbey St. Upper, parish of Nos.19-136). No attempt has been made to fill these. Sometimes the east of a street is in one parish while the west is in another. This is indicated by "Parish-E" and "Parish-W".

Parish abbreviations in the table are:

AND: St. Andrew, ANN: St. Anne, AUD: St. Audeon, BRI: St. Bride, CAT: St. Catherine, GEO: St. George, GRA: Grangegorman, JAS: St. James, JOH: St. John, LUK: St. Luke, MAY: St. Mary, MCH: St. Michan, MIC: St. Michael, MRK: St. Mark, NIN: St. Nicholas Within, NUT: St. Nicholas Without, PAT: St. Patrick, PAU: St. Paul, PET: St. Peter, THO: St. Thomas, WER: St. Werburg.

Ward abbreviations are:

ARQ: Arran Quay, FIZ: Fitzwilliam, INQ: Inns' Quay, MHS: Mansion House, MJY: Mountjoy, MTQ: Merchants' Quay, NCY: North City, NDK: North Docks, PEM: Pembroke, ROT: Rotunda, ROX: Royal Exchange, SCY: South City, SDK: South Docks, TRY: Trinity, USQ: Ushers' Quay, WDQ; Wood Quay.



Dublin County

For information outside the city area a second finder is available. This was prepared from the information on pages 1515 to 1518 of Thoms' directory of 1888 which guided readers to the appropriate area in the County Dublin listings where a particular street could be found (and may not, therefore, necessarily correspond to the precise area in other records). Some duplication also exists with the City finder (cf. the same Abercorn Tce. in both extracts). The extract below shows the format available in the relevant Co. Dublin pdf (31K) and Co. Dublin html (136K) files.


1888 Co. Dublin Street/Area Finder

Street     Area   Extra
Abercorn Terrace   Harold's Cross  
Abercorn Terrace   Merrion    
Abercorn Terrace   Circular Road North
Abercorn Terrace   Inchicore    
Adelaide Cottages   Kingstown    
Adelaide Road   Kingstown    
Adelaide Street   Kingstown    
Adelaide Terrace   Donnybrook    
Adelaide Terrace   Kingstown    
Ailesbury Road   Donnybrook   +Merrion




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