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The following L*nn*n links contain progressive modifications up to 0.1K .jpg image newJanuary 2012, when all links were rechecked.


Lennan - For research on US Lennans from 1722 to date, there was a page on family tree maker for Rev. Geoffrey Lennan who amassed an amazing amount of information of unpublished work. Ted B. Lennan, who had his own business pages, is a partner in that work. His email (remove the (no spam)) is tedlennan(no spam)@earthlink.net. A third person, researching similar descendants, is Tom Lincoln at lincoln(no spam)@rand.org. For links to US public records, both free and paid, try the public record portal.

Lennon - Bonnie Hamilton had a site on family treemaker for ancestors of Elizabeth Mary Lennon on line, but you may have to dig deep in the revised site. This Lennon line, which stretched far back in Ireland in Meath and surrounding counties is the subject of research by numerous other individuals. But it is probably easier to find the same data on the Worldconnect project mentioned below (enter 'tibart' in 'jump to specific database' entry box, and press 'go'. Then click 'L' and subsequently 'Lennon' to get the 197 Lennon entries.

To search for individuals, don't forget the rootsweb Worldconnect project (now at 640 million entries and, for free, preferable to buying all those CDs from FTM, The Learning Co., Mattel, Genealogy.com, or whoever, who make money from the same research furnished freely by individual researchers). As of March 2006 there were 11798 Lennons, 1601 Lenons, 1552 Lannons, 780 Lennans, 677 Lannens, 646 Lannins, 530 Lannans, 206 Linnens, 85 Lenans, 51 Lanans, and 48 Lanons on this free resource. The other advantage of Worldconnect is that you can refine your data as often. Participants can insert 'post-it' notes which can help others by challenging computer data previously engraved in stone. You can also exclude the downloading of GEDCOMs, ensuring that the cavalier don't rip off your data and post it elsewhere, while serious researchers have all the leads available to them that you have found. Some concerns emerged in July 2001, due to the support (takeover?) provided by the second of the big two commercial combines (Ancestry.com). Hopefully, its independence will not be too compromised. However, there will always probably be a wealth of data on the Family Search facility of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

click for 14K maclennan crestAlthough not many posts of late, other resources are available on genealogy.com for Lennon , Lannon and Linnen and on rootsweb/ancestry.com for Lennon, Lannan, Lannon as well as numerous other variants (and don't forget Lunny). New South Wales indexes were on line, with quite a number of Lennans. Try going through NSW family history page. For other Australian territories, links are on the New South Wales site. Here there is less readily available free information. All impose quite tough cut-off dates for certificates they will supply. Six Lennans are in the Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario, four of which, Michael (aged 26), Patrick (61), James (67) and Eliza (62), are all in different locations. The remaining two, of non-Irish origin, are Susanna (69, US) and Jessie (15, Scotland).For the Argentinian branch of the Lennons, have a peep at Patricio Hickey's site there (ignore the 404 and use the side bar - but to get ancestral data you will have to be creative changing the file numbers e.g. generation 3). A magnificent site on the Irish in Argentina, which records the arrival there of Irish families, mainly from Westmeath, including many Lennons, was recently discovered. It is well worth time exploring and even had a photo of Lennon brook in Capilla del Señor, named after Edward Lennon (1819-1890), from Co. Westmeath on the index page (in November 2003 go to the separate toponomy page). Eduardo Murray also had Lennons in his genealogy pages of John Murray previously on mypage.bluewin.ch, but these have gone in 2008. If you are into tartans, try our Scottish cousins, the MacLennans. A larger coa, to that shown on the left, is available elsewhere. Although taking no position on the current Maguire chief, some very useful material on the Fermanagh Maguire clan, with which the Lennans (or at least the O'Luinins) may have been linked, is still available on some of the Jim Maguire's ex-pages which are still available elsewhere.


Suggestions for celebrity Lenn*n pages are those of Julian Lennon, and his half-brother Sean. A rigorous treatment of their earlier ancestors is to be found on John Lennon's Family tree. Of more particular Irish interest are the Memoirs of George Lennon - Officer Commanding West Waterford Flying Column and Dermott Lennon's who in 2002 took Ireland's first Individual World Championship gold medal in Show Jumping. For soccer fans, look out for former Northern Ireland's and Celtic captain Neil Lennon, now on the coaching staff, and Aaron Lennon who played for England in the World Cup in Germany. For music, look up Leitrim-born (Kiltyclogher) fiddle, piano player and composer Charlie Lennon, children Eilís, Seán and Donal, elder brother Ben and his sons Brian Lennon (concert flute) and Maurice Lennon (fiddle) of the traditional/pop band Stockton's Wing. You can also try out some musical clips on line. Tasmania has a Paul Lennon (a descendant, I am informed, of Michael Lannon born Carlow c. 1824) who was Premier from 2004 to May 2008. Another Lannon of renown was US Rear-Admiral James P. Lannon who is buried at Arlington. You might finally want to read some of the works of award-winning author J. Robert Lennon.


click for 14K dublin coaFor specific Dublin queries, try your luck on the Rootsweb Dublin board or, if another county is of interest, go to the Ireland index to find the location. For Irish surnames try the links on the Irish Family Names page at The Island Ireland site had material on surnames (now gone), but still has much on art, culture, environment, and local history. Another very useful resource is Eddie Geoghegan's heraldry site. A graphic of your coa can be commissioned (see reduced copy on index page of this site) and a limited number of the impressive array on his site can be used for non-profit purposes (see some others on this site). As well as even a Gaelic font download, there are links to other heraldry resources, including a useful one cautioning on the fact that arms were only granted to one branch of a family, as well as the significant differences between Gaelic and English succession principles.

The Dun Laoghaire Genealogical Society (now the Genealogical Society of Ireland) has a relatively new website. The e-mail address for this dynamic society is now GenSocIreland@familyhistory. ie. The Society is actively involved in the restoration of the Martello Tower to house its growing library and has published numerous documents, the high point for me being the many memorial inscriptions from the area and the Roll of Booterstown School. The Ballinteer society (in Dublin S.) very helpful contact person is Chris Ryan at ryanct (no spam)@eircom.net. It also has a number of useful publications, culminating in December 2000 with 'Simpson's Hospital'. For some great historical material on Dublin visit the site now integrating Ken Finlay's material from Dublin historical manuscripts. Ken has taken the trouble to transcribe many early histories of the city. For early Irish manuscripts, the University College Cork Celt database is a must. When identified, look for the originals on the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies project site. For early Irish genealogies, history, clans, kings, etc. dig down in Ireland's history in maps from Denis Walsh. Only suggestion is that, given the number of copyright notices and javascript protection devices, it could be made clearer that the extracts from the Annals possibly came directly from the CELT database which is subject to DIAS copyright. But nice maps and a wealth of helpful information in one place. Also try the genealogy section of the Irish Times site for a distribution of surnames of interest as well as their searchable archive of all issues of the paper since the 1850s (pay per day). More recently there is a progessively useful Dublin links site online. If you have Dublin material, or Irish material for other pages, maybe swop links to make it more comprehensive.


A narrative of experience may be a useful aid to others to the links here to genealogy software. I started off with Family Tree Maker 3.4 and have purchased various versions to FTM 11.0. At about FTM 4.4, when explanations for memory leak problems I was having were not convincing, source references were a bit crude, and the programme was progressively dictating how things should be done, I started to investigate other programmes. Tried Generations 4.2 (now have 8.0) but the ex-Vivendi company is now for sale and site is gone, Family Heritage (site gone in March 2003), became part of genealogy.com empire (along with FTM) and was discontinued, and Ultimate Family Tree 2.7 (am now running 3.0), was taken over in July 2000 by genealogy.com and is not being upgraded, and the site has disappeared. I might have gravitated to UFT, if it had not appeared to be the culprit for a major crash of my new fast computer (now pretty slow despite a transplant of a 400MHZ processor with an 850 one). This was the 'Foxpro problem', without much acknowledgement that there was a problem. Strangely enough, I settled on another programme originally based on Foxpro, The Master Genealogist 3.4 (progressively upgraded through 3.5, 3.6a, 4.0, 4.0d, 5.09, 6.0 and 7.0), the developers of which admitted this particular problem at an early stage, provided a fix, and rectified it in the next version. Additionally, they realised that people might want to convert from other programmes, helpfully providing conversion (one step up from GEDCOMs) from other software. This was not to say that everything from FTM came across in the exact box, but it was much better than what I was used to trying to convert between the others. Personally, I have found TMG the most helpful for research purposes and it is my main genealogical tool. It is still independent, but for how long? I still keep FTM for certain reports and charts which I am too lazy to formulate in the infinitely flexible TMG. The Lenn*n data started off in Lotus 123, but is now in Excel, with file bloat resulting in a 2.9 Mega file.

For more comprehensive coverage of software, as of everything else, browse Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.

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