Jupiter, Florida Easter 2008

North Carolina airport stop-off 24/3/08 and Jupiter morning 25/3/08

Charlotte N.C. airport map appartment view pelicans

Jupiter 29/3/08

complex pelicans running 1 running 2 running 3

Jupiter 30/3/08

pier walk morning run

Jupiter mornings 2-4/4/08

morning morning run morning early 1 early 2

Jupiter morning, pier and pelican 5/4/08

boat sunrise pelican flying pelican flying dawn clouds pier

surfers Trice appartment Trice surfers pier pier sails windy

pelican 1 jumbo pelican balancing Ken with pelican pelican sits Trice + pelican pelican and appartment Trice and pelican pelican Trice and pelican full wing pelican surfers tents wind surfers wind surfers many wind surfers view appartment

More photos of the pelican seen above are here on a sub-page.

Return (dusk from United 950) 6/4/08

air trip 2 air trip 2

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