L*nn*n and Gl*nn*n references in FHC, Salt Lake City


Sloinnte na h-Eireann – Irish Surnames” Sean de Bhulbh (Woulfe)
Lennan: v.rare. Dublin see Lennon
Lennon: v.numerous. Ulster generally, South East, E. Galway – Mayo, etc.. IR O’Lionáin, O’Leannáin. The derivation may be from leann, a cloak, or leannán, a lover, paramour. In any event there were distinct septs in Fermanagh, Galway and Cork. The name has been changed in some cases to Leonard an English name q.v. IF.
Lenane: rare. Cork. See Linnane
Lannin, -on –en: mod.nos. all areas especially South East. IR. O’Leannáin or O’Lonáin. See Lennon.
Linnane: numerous. Clare, Kerry, Limerick, Galway, etc.. IR O’Linneán (SGA), O’Lionnáin for which see Lennon. Originally from Kerry and distinct from Lennon (SI, MIF & SGG).
Glennon: numerous. Midlands, Galway, etc.. IR. Mag Leannáin (leann=cloak). MacLysaght notes that it may be O’Gloinín in Connacht. (SI & SGG).

Surnames of Ireland” 6th Edition, MacLysaght. British Ref. 941.5 D4mc 1985.
MacLennon – Lennon. Usually Scottish, it is certainly also a variant of Mac Lenaghan and according to Woulfe also of MacAlinion and MacAlonan. In Co. Galway he makes it MacLoineáin, but as they were MacAlenan in the 17th Century, MacAilgheanáin is a preferable alternative.
O’Lennon, Lennan O’Leannáin (possibly from leann, a cloak or mantle; leanán paramour has also been suggested). This is the name of several distinct septs located respectively in Cos. Cork, Fermanagh and Galway. The last named is of the Sodhan pre-Gaelic stock. The Fermanagh family were erenaghs of Lisgoole. O’Leannùain is also used as a synonym of Lineen (O’Luinín) another Fermanagh erenagh family. Further confusion arises from the fact that these have been widely changed to the English name Leonard IF. See also Linnegar.
(O)Len(n)ane. See Linnane.
(O)Lannon. A form of Lennon found in Co. Kilkenny.
(O)Linnane, O’Linneáin & O’Lionnáin. A West Munster name much confused with Lennon IF.
(Mac)Glennon, Mag Leannáin. The basic word in this name is leann = cloak. This name belongs to the midland counties (Westmeath, Leix and Offaly) where it is quite numerous. In Co. Roscommon it is probably the Uí Fiachrach name O’Gloinín. MacGleenan Mac Giolla Fhinéin. This form is found in Co. Armagh.
Glenane. A variant of Glennon nearer to the Irish form found in Co. Tipperary.
IF = Irish Families, MIF = More Irish Families.

Master Book of Irish Surname. Location, Ethnicity, Spellings & Sources” O’Laughlin ISBN 0 940134-32 2 1993 Irish Genealogical Foundation.
LENAN C Pn Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Meath, Roscommon
LENNAN C Pn Dublin, Louth
MCLENNAN M Antrim 1642 Scotland
O’LENNAN R Clanna Rory
LENNON B Dublin Armagh *239 Feakle Scariff
O’LENNON IF 6 Sodhans of Galway. O’Lennan by O’Dugan along with the…
McLENNON M Hy Fiacra Cork, Antrim Fermanagh
GLENAN C Pn Westmeath, Roscommon
GLENNON B 22 births none in Munster
GLANAN C Pn Westmeath

C = Census of 1659
B = Irish Birth Index of 1890 Matheson
M = According to legend or unproven
IF = Book of Irish Families
G = See IF when G appears as source
K = Keating’s History of Ireland IGF
R = The History of Clanna Rory
S = Irish Settlers on the American Frontier
SR = Special Report from IGF

Heirlooms of Ireland” Joseph F. Osborne Baltimore 1998 ISBN 0-8063-4777-5 British Ref. Area 941.5 D4oj
name origin/Migrated from
(Mac) Glennon IG - - LEX, OFF, ROS, WEM
(Mac) Lennon SG SC 17th GAL Leonard EN (-Lennan)
(O)Lennon IG - - COR, FEM, GAL cloak or mantle (Lennan)

Book of Arms 1690” Sir James Terry, Athlone Herald in British Museum (Harlein MSS No 4039 & 4040)
No Lenn*ns or Glenn*ns

A Concise Dictionary of Irish Biography” John S. Crone MRIA Dublin 1937, Kraus reprint 1970, British Ref. Area 941.5 D3cr 1970
LENNON, John, sailor, b. Downpatrick 1768. Performed various daring feats. Safely brought his ship ‘Hibernia’ through American fleet 1812; beat off attack of American privateer after 9 hour fight 1814; d. Devonport about 1842.

Dictionary of National Biography” Vol. XI OUP ISBN 0-19-865113-9 (Vol. XI)
Lennon, John (1768-1842?) master mariner was born at Downpatrick, Ireland in 1768. He is stated to have served as a midshipsman in the Royal Navy during the American war. In 1796 when in command of the schooner Favourite of Martinique carrying letters of marque he was very severely wounded and his ship was taken after a fierce engagement of 1 hour & 20 minutes duration by a French privateer of very superior force. In 1798 he was in command of the General Keppel, also of Martinique which was capsized in a white squall on passage to Philadelphia when Lennon and some of his crew were rescued by a passing schooner, after suffering great perils and hardship. Lennon performed various daring feats in the West Indies in 1806-9 but his most remarkable exploits were in the Hibernia, a Cowes built barque, carrying six guns and about 22 men and boys all told in which he traded for some years from the West Indies island of St. Thomas. In 1812 orders were issued that no vessels should leave the island without convoy on account of the American privateers. The Hibernia and three other merchantmen whose aggregate cargoes were valued at £1/2 M had long been waiting. Unwilling to detain them longer, Governor MacLean agreed to their sailing without convoy on condition of Lennon hoisting his pennant as commodore. Although harassed by the Rossie, Commodore Barney, an American privateer of superior force, Lennon brought his vessels safe into the English Channel on 18/10/1812. Two years later Lennon was attacked on 19/7/1814 by the schooner Comet of Baltimore US, an American privateer of 16 guns and 136 men which he beat off after a 9 hour fight in which 12 out of his crew of 22 hands were killed or wounded. Two lawsuits followed with the underwriter of the Hibernia’s cargo & Lennon and his owners were cast in £8000 damages, or more than double the loss that would have occurred if Lennon had surrendered. Lennon died at Devonport after 1841. (Naval & Military Gazettes 24 July, 7 August, 21 August and 18 September 1814 by David Burn. See Burn’s Chivalry of the Merchant Marine, London 1841 and Brenton’s Naval History Vol. II).
No Glenn*ns

The Consolidated Index to the Records of the Genealogical Office Dublin” Vol. 3 Compiled by Virginia Wade McAnlis 1994, British Ref. Area 941.5 A3mv v3
LENIN MS 223-54 Betham Will Abstracts 26/341
MS 445 Reynell MSS p.95
MS223-54 Betham Will Abstracts 1/103, 2/320,6/226, 8/352, 10/385, 19/218, 21/415, 33/49 – Lodge 8/1
Of Co. Westmeath
MS 468 Traill MSS p.14
Duke of Richmond
MS 183 Lords Entries Vol.1 p.200
MS223-54 Betham Will Abstracts 5/310
Mis-bur Dublin 1671 Husband Nanthaniel Stoughton
MS 64-79 Funeral Entries Vol.4, 14, 16
MS 223-54 Betham Will Abstracts 30/292 Lodge 5/205
MS 223-54 Betham Will Abstracts 14/213
MS526 Irish Coats of Arms (Fota) p.116
LENNON of Co. Westmeath
468(14) 100151 pt.49

Index to Irish Films at FHC” Vol. 3 British Ref. Area 941.5 P22pjv3 Film Estate & Lot Item Order
Patrick tenant 1855 Moybane Armagh 258793 13 Lot 5 13 of 26
Alexander tenant 1854 Ballycan Down 258805 8 Lot 2 8 of 25
Anne/Thomas tenants 1853 Lissaraw Armagh 258793 17 Lot 5 17 of 26
Bryan tenant 1854 Derry Down 258805 8 Lot 7 8 of 25
Catherine tenant 1856 Up.Loughross Armagh 258793 12 Lot 3 12 of 26
Christopher tenant 1854 Ballyhealey Down 258805 8 Lot 3 8 of 25
Christopher tenant 1854 Corrogue Down 258805 8 Lot 6 8 of 25
Daniel lease 1836 Tullyvallen Armagh 258793 17 Lot 4 17 of 26
Ellen tenant 1853 Cappagh Armagh 258793 17 Lot 4 17 of 26
George Johnston 1836 Burin St Carlow 258794 Lease Lot 6 1 of 13
Henry tenant 1856 Up.Loughross Armagh 258793 12 Lot 3 12 of 26
James dec.bef 1856 1802 Burin St. Carlow 258794 Lease Lot 6 1 of 13
James dec.bef 1856 1802 Burin St. Carlow 258805 Lease Lot 6 1 of 13
John lease 1854 Clea Armagh 258793 8 Lot 6 8 of 25
John dec.bf.1856lease 1802 Burin St Carlow 258794 Lease Lot 6 1 of 13
Joseph decbf1853lease1802 Burin St Carlow 258794 1 Lot 6 1 of 13
Margaret 1857 Burin St Carlow 258794 Lease Lot 6 1 of 13
Margaret lease 1837 Burin St Carlow 258794 1 Lot 6 1 of 13
Matthew tenant 1853 Cappagh Armagh 258793 17 Lot 4 17 of 26
Owen/Michl/Patk.lease1799 Lissaraw Armagh 258793 17 Lot 5 17 of 26
Owen/Bernard tenants 1853 Lissaraw Armagh 258793 17 Lot 5 17 of 26
Patrick/Joseph tenants 1850 Corbally Down 258806#411E5#2Lot3 15 of 48
Patrick 1858 Oldtown Carlow 258794 tenant Lot 6 3a of 13
Patrick tenant 1858 Oldtown Carlow 258794 3a Lot 6 3 of 13
Peter tenant 1856 Rathkeeland Armagh 258793 12 Lot 5 12 of 26
Anthony tenant 1856 Up.Loughross Armagh 258793 12 Lot 3 12 of 26
No Glenn*n

Vol. 2 “Wills Land and Court Genealogies, Pedigrees & Special Collections at FHC
John Common Pleas 1746 Clomelsh Carlow 596419 5108 index 80 of 262
Patrick (Patritius Mg) 1747 St Andrews Dublin 596418 4317 268 of 978

Vol. 1 “Probate Films at FHC
Eliza 1915 Cranlaghmore 496392 TI7305 36 of 51
Ellen 1915 Cranlaghmore 496392 TI7305 36 of 51
James 1875 Magheradermon WEM592932 M3822(2) 6 of 100
Joseph Esq. 1899 Booterstown Dublin 496376 TI5680 126 of 197 (transcribed below)
Patrick 1915 Cranlaghmore 496392 TI7305 36 of 51
Wm. 1915 Cranlaghmore 496392 TI7305 36 of 51
Mathew labourer 1886 Balregan LOU 581930 - 98 of 186
Amelia Moss widow 1871 Forney LOG 101018 Section 7 6 of 18
Bryan 1892 Roscommon 593638 M3694 14 of 16
Elizabeth widow 1901 Mapperly NOTTS 496377 TI7478 107 of 171
Herbert 1784 Habsborough WEM 592932 M3822(98) 99 of 100
James 1919 Castlerea ROS 592936 M3836 (24) 14 of 15
James 1919 Castlerea ROS 592936 M3836 (12) 14 of 15
John Gouldsberry, Est 1840 Habsborough WEM 592932 M3822(47) 48 of 100
Michael grocer 1894 Dublin City 101018 Section 2 26 of 33
Patk. And Thomas 1891 Roscommon 593638 M3694 14 of 16
Renegius 1784 Habsborough WEM 592932 M3822(98) 99 of 100
Sabina 1784 Habsborough WEM 592932 M3822(98) 99 of 100
Terence 1794 Carnally ARM 593657 M3809 3 of 7
Thomas Knox merchant 1924 Dungannon TYR 592939 TI1795 3rddoc 7 of 16
William 1784 Habsborough WEM 592932 M3822(98) 99 of 100
William Sherlock Maj.1922 Taladi Egypt 496362 T14063 50 of 50
William Insp. Constab.1897 Lisburn 496363 T14065#2 Sec I

The Convert Rolls” ed. Eileen O’Byrne Irish Manuscripts Commission, Stationary Office Dublin 1985
No Glenn*n no O Len**n
LENNON, Hugh d. Dromore cert 1 February 1773 enrolled 3 February 1773 (A)
LENNON, William cert 2 Feb. 1733 enrolled 8 Feb 1733 (A) Lennon, Mr. William of Dublin conformity 31 January 1733 (B)(D)
LENNON, William, Portlick, Co. Westmeath cert 8 March 1789 enrolled 28 April 1790.
None in list of convert priests

Third Report from Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, Ireland” House of Commons, 30 July 1838
Appendix 4 Marksmen, Appendix 10 Excise Licences
Return of the name, residence and description of each person Freemen 1831 (except Dublin)
Athlone George LENNON Athlone shopkeeper
Armagh LENNAN John, 22 Jan 1838
Armagh LENNON Edward, Scotch St
Ennis LYNAN Catherine, Mill St
Kilkenny LANNAN Denis, John St., 24 June 1836

Second Report
Patrick LENNON Marlborough St., cooper House & land Marlborough St. £10

Appendix 12
Owen LENNAN £5 37 Park St
Peter LENNAN £30 63 Park St
Widow TONOR £8 73 Bridge St
Michael LENNAN £5 22 Linen-hall or Camp St
Felix LENNAN £10 23 Barrack St
Pat LENNAN £5 60 Barrack St
Peter LENNAN £18 159 Barrack St
Peter LENNAN £18 160 Barrack St
James LENNAN £5 9 Windmill St
Edward LENNAN £5 5 Quay St

Appendix 14
Armagh: Edward LENNON Scotch St Excise
Kilkenny: Denis LANNAN John St Excise

Ormonde Deeds” Edmund Curtis, Stationery Office, Dublin 1932

Volume I 1172-1350
Olannan, Gregory Coarb of Mayairb 4
“Donald Obreyn, King of Lymerec [Limerick] in reverence of Gregory Olanan coarb [coverbi] of Muoygarib [Mag airb=aevi-campus] and with the consent of his nobles grants to the monks of St Mary de Arvicampo [Kilcooley] land for building an abbey in honour of the said Virgin Mary and St. Benedict the Abbot, with the counsel of the said coarb of St. Colman, namely the land in which the monastery is situated, Kilchule [Kilcooley], Kilcolman, Kilchoayn, Kilmoischy [still partially preserved in Graigaheesha, parish of Kilcooley, which belonged to Kilcooley abbey], Kildauchy [which at that time was called Polnadawely], Dromlonayn, Kilwracha [Kilbraugh, parish of Buohick, barony of Slieveardagh] Kiligynnammenew, Clonmychon [Clonamicklon, parish of Buolick], Chuilinhuir, as he perambulated and rode over the mountains and hills and woods, from bond to bond and designated them by name viz. Ivirard [Urard, parish of Fennor, barony of Slieveardagh], Greymuiygarib [Grane, parish of Tubridbritain, barony of Cramagh, Co. Kilkenny], Ballynascaryh [Ballynascarry in the same parish], Ballychonli, Mongynd, Sliebytamygh, Glenanchordh, Cnokany, Dulii, Belanamoyle, Cnokelegayn, Moynnegollan, Awillchariagh, Tibrinygerothy, Hachnahoyn and by fosse to the royal road and by the said way to Raht Ronan, and thence by the said way to Leynhys and by the fosse to Treuruch and to Knocynstawyll, in pure alms.” [? Circa 1182, Seal missing]

Vol II 1350-1413
No “O” or “G”
Lannan, John 266
“Court Roll of the Hundred [Town Court] of New Ross
The Hundred held at Ross [4 Henry IV] 1403-4

David Lange against Philip Stafforde on a plea of debt for half a salmon of the value of 8d. Pledges, Thomas Bennet and John Lannan. Defendants pledge William Buttyller. David Lange against John Dengan on a plea of debt. Pledges Thomas Bennet and John Lannan. Pledges of defendant John Lowendrye and Walter Butyller.”

Vol III 1413-1509
No “O” or “G”
Lanan, Isabella. See Lanan [but no entry]

Vol IV 1509-1547
No “G”
O’Laghnan, Tadeus ‘juvenis’ cleric 76
p.76 “Filorcia [sic] Hedian widow appoints Thadeus ‘juvenis’ O’Laghnan cleric her bailiff to give James son and heir of Piers, Earl of Ormond livery of seisin of the town of Moncellestown. Given at leBoggan, May 4 1522” [Portion of seal]
Lonan, John 173
p.173 215 “Exemplification of the testimony produced by James Seyntleger before Roland Baron, Nicholas Britton, treasurer of St. Canices and William Vale percentor of the same as to the peaceable possession of the land of Kyllynobole alias Kylbrenyne by his grandfather Patrick Seyntleger. The following have testified to this….John Lonan…..Signatures: Roland Baron, Sir Nicholas Britton [Oct 23, 1537]

Vol V 1547-1584
O’Lonan, William 83 285
83 23/3/1555-6 “”Indenture dated 23 March 1555 between the right worshipful Mr. Thomas Grace, parson of Callan, Sir Nicholas Mothyng chancellor of Kilkenny and Sir William Pheolan parson of Listerling, attorneys of Sir Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormond and Thomas Lonane, smith of Callan, witnesses that said attorneys grant half a message with a garden in the hill of Callan being in ‘le Frontes street’ to have and to hold to said Thomas and his heirs for a term of 21 years at annual rent of 2s. Singatures. Dorso in later hand: William O’Lonan assignee to Thomas O’Luan March 23 1555/6. Three small seals.”
285 20/5/1577 “William O Lonan smith half a messuage with a garden on the hill of Callan in Les Frontes street; 2s & 1 good capon. Indentures made on 20/5/1577 between Richard Shee & Robert Rothe of Kilkenny attorney of Thomas Butler Earl of Ormond & various inhabitants of Callan. Capons to be rendered every ‘Shrovetide’”

Lonane (O’Luan), Thomas 83 [see above]
O’Lonnane, William 3
3 3/3/1548 “..William O’Lonnane, Oliver Brennagh, John Glasse Brennaghe & late of Ferglasse horsemen at Ferglasse stole 180 goats 200 kids….”

Vol VI 1584-1608

Vol VII Index

Supplement 1 “Irish Monastic & Episcopal Deeds 1200-1600”
No “G”
O’Laghnan, Cornelius, canon of Cashel, papal judge designate 1515-6 119
119 25/9/1516 in Latin “Notorial instrument recording the diffinitive of M. Macgulpatrick, canon of Ossory, judge delegated by Pope Leo X in a cause relating to the archdeconry of Ossory disputed between Edmund Butler and Robert Ohedyan.”

Calendar of the Justiciary Rolls, Ireland, Edward I” Ed. James Mills, HMSO Dublin 1905
Lenoun Co Cork 162
Glennans Co. Cork 35 “Some stole from King at..”

Edward, Vol. II
Olennan Robert 155
1305 155 Membrane 9d Dublin Wexford “Robert Olennan acknowledges that he owes to Ric. Taloun for the abbot of Dowysky 5s nov 18. Essoins taken at Rosbargoun before John Wogen Justiciar in the octave of S. Martin Nov. 18”
Olennan William 485
1305 485 Dublin “Yet of pleas of the crown and delivery of gaol at Dublin before John Wogan on Tuesday the morrow of S. Lucia [Dec. 14]…David Henry son of Ric. Mcyoghy, Robert son of John Gibbe Laweles, Simon son of Walter Lawel…..son of Thomas Corage, Walter son of Corran Harold, Will. Fyn, Will. Olennan,…..Lorcan Olonyn…..charged with divers felonies. And the Sheriff now returns that they are not found. And the jurors testify that they are suspected and that they fled. Let their chattels be confiscated for flight. And let them be outlawed.”
Olannan David 67
1305 67 Membrane 49d Dublin Kilkenny “In the month from Easter Yet of pleas before Edmund le Botiller Custos. The Seneshal of the liberty of Kylkenny was directed to restore to Andrew the chattels (detained by someone in his bailiwic) of David Olannan and Rycthuik Olyneghn, hibernici of Andrew le Warener charged with receiving Renuk Olorcan and other felons slain.”

Volume III
Lemman, John 170-171
1311 170-171 Louth “John Lemman, Richard Hervy, Thomas Godknave, Richard Molaghlo, John England & Adam Talour charged that when Maghoun MacMaghoun & Conlyth McNeel and all their Irishmen in parts of Donaghmayn loyally kept themselves at peace with the King and the …..the said John Lemman etc. notwithstanding the said charge slew one Ralph ..gan….Therefore John Lemman and the others are quit.”

Calendar of the Justiciary Rolls, Ireland Edward I, Part 2” HMSO London 1914
Olonan, Cathal 365, 373
365 22/5/1307 “…Therefore his pledges to prosecute Cathel Olonan & Adam McConwyl in mercy..”
373 1307 “ …Afterwards Gilbert does not prosecute, therefore he and his pledges to prosecute, Cathel Olonan & Nich Odonewill, in mercy…”

Volume III
O Leynan, Henry 301 27/10/1313
O Lonnan, Kynnelith 144 10/5/1310
Lemnan, John 170-171 4/1/1311

The Irish Fiats of the Tudor Sovereigns” 1994 Publisher Edmund Burke Vol. 1 1521-1558

No Lenn*n, Glenn*n or O’

Lennaght Co. Kilkenny 625 Lease to Thomas earl of Ormond and Ossory

O’Lonnan, Robert pardon 34, 3 March 1553-4
“Pardon to Brian FitzRichard Fitzgerald of the Little Bolyes Co. Kildare gent. …. And brothers … son Walter FitzJames Fitzgerald of the Little Bolyes gent; Walter FitzJames Woulf of the same kern; Robert FitzThomas Eustace of Fraynestown, Co. Dublin gent & Robert O’Lonnan of the same kern” 3 March

Vol. 2 1558-1586
Co. Monaghan See Glanan 5665
1591 5665(4565) “Grant to Rosse m’Manus M’Mahon; four tates – Drombancher, Liege, Taghledan and Glanan ……… To Rory M’Rosse the tate of Shancogh. The premises form the ballibetagh of Drombanchor in the barony of Trough and co. Monaghan.” [17 Nov., xxxiv]
(Co. Kilkenny?) 6564
1601 6564(5255) “Pardon to….Robard Denn FitzTho., of Glenan,…of Newhouse..of Kilcrone.. of Glasse Croe…of Pollroan..
See 6500 reproduced under O’Lennan below.
Thomas commission 260
1560 260(6477) “Commission to Hugh, archbishop of Dublin chancellor, Christopher, lord of Houth, John Plunket, chief justice, James Bathe, chief baron, Richard Talbot justice, Patrick White, knight second baron, John Travers, knt. Thomas Lockwodde dean of Holy Trinity, Patrick Barnewell, sheriff of Dublin …..; to take the muster & array of the county of Dublin and its crosses and marches, to call before them all the subjects of each barony, and assess them in warlike furniture of weapons, arms horses, horsemen and footmen, according to the manner and quantity of their lands and chattels as the instructions of the lord lieutenant and the customs and laws of the realm require.
Similar commission for co. Meath to James Flemying, baron of Slane, Jerrico Preston, viscount of Gormanstown, Christopher Plunkett lord of Killene……. John Sanloke, Meiler Hussey, Thomas Lenam of Adamyston,…… Similar commission for co. Kildare …. Similar commission for co. Westmeath…”
Edmund, wife of, pardon 675
1564 675(429) “Pardon to Margery Rede, wife of Edmund Lenan 13 Sept. vi”
Elizabeth pardon 3972
1582 3972(3253) “Pardon to Tho. Lea of Castelmarten, co. Kildare gent, Elizabeth Peppard his wife, Anthony Peppard of Glascarrick co. Wexford gent …. Elizabeth Lenan, Edm. Kavanagh m’Morgh of Colnelyn, Neile O’Birrin, Hugh O’Lonan, James Wall of Castlemarten, Maurice m’Tho O’Teig of Culrano, John Wale, Geoffrey Leanach, Doren Nyvorchane, Tho. Leanach, Walter Abbenagh and James Rodgers, provision as in 3935 [i.e. “Provided that if any of these persons be of the nation or sept of the O’Connors, who were proclaimed traitors and rebels the pardon be of no effect in favour of such.”] [24 Aug xxiv]
Robert pardon 670, 3844
1564 670(434) “Pardon to Luke o’Toole of Castlekeven, gent, Morghe and Hugh his brothers, and Walter Harrold…..Robert Lenan, Shane Ne Monestraghe and Ogho Moore, servants of Luke O’Toole” [3 Aug.] 1581-82 3844(3343) “Pardon to Phelim O’Tole, Donnogh O’Tole…. And Rob. Lenan of Imale, co. Dublin kern. Security as in 897 in co. Dublin” [i.e. Provided that within 6 months they appear before Commissioners in their county and give security to keep the peace and answer at sessions when called upon.”] [18 March xxiv]
(Co. Galway?) 5802
1592-93 5802(4712) “Pardon to Teige M’Donogh of Clonkine, Donogh duff O’Hanly, of Gallagh….Henry en Givoly of Lenane…. [15 March]
John pardon 5 (see Patrick below), 2574, 6257, house at Dublin 4214
1575 2574(2106) “Pardon to Walter Eustace of Ballymore, David Donell James Dowdinge, John Ewstace and John Purcell of the same freeholders, Patr. Dempsie, Rich. Dowding, John Lennan, Paly Collen and Tho. Dempsie husbandmen, Tho. Eustace of Barrettiston in the parish of Tipperkeavyn, Edm. Eustace of Elwertiston gent Wm. Eustace of Dowdingston gent, Tho. Samford of Tipperkeavyn freeholder John Dinell of the Burbage and Patr. M’Phillipp of Barrettiston husbandmen, Edm. Eustace of Elwartiston cottier and Laurence Asshe of Little Fornoght [10 Ap. xvii]”
Patrick pardon 5
1558 5(6054) “Pardon to John Donkerly sovereign of the town of Nase [otherwise called John], ‘vitteller’ of the Newe fort in Leix, William Berde and Richard Jackes, clerks, John Lennan of Killusky co. Kildare, Patrick Lennan, [his brother], and Thomas Molgan alias Person, of the Fort in Leix, serving man, late of Cloughran, co. Dublin: especially for the homicide of Hugh Dowlyng, late of Newe Fort, by said Molghan – [14 Dec.,i]
1583 4214(3436) “Grant (under queen’s letter, 11 Feb., xxv) to Thos. Copinger of Youghall co. Cork of a house and garden in the street of St. Francis in the co. of the city of Dublin and in the parish of St. Nicholas in the church of St. Patrick late in the tenure of Rich. Peppard and now of Patr. Malone three gardens in the same street, late in the tenure of Dionysius Edwards and now of George Fian, another garden there late in the tenures of Rich. Havin now of George Fian, another garden there late in the tenure of Wm. Neale now of Patr. Malone, another garden there late in the tenure of Tho. Nottleton now of [Tho. Verdon], another garden there in the tenure of Gerald Wale now of Wm. Morane, a house in the street of S. Thomas the martyr in the parish of S. James in the suburbs of Dublin, late in the tenure of [Wm.] Roche, Arthur Kerdiffe and Margaret his wife and now of Wm. Kelly, jackmaker, a plot of land there in the tenure of Tho. Dermot, two gardens in the New Street in the parish of S. Nicholas late in the tenure of Melaughlen Leffa, now of James Malone and John Lennan merchant, a house in Wynetavern street with two cellars, in the parish of S. John, and a garden in the parish of S. Olave upon the Wood key, late in the tenure of John Fitzsimones and now of Tho. Stephens merchant and Rich. Fian, alderman, a messuage or place of a garden in the Castel street in the parish of S. Warburg late in the tenure of John Wilkins of Dublin, merchant and Katherine Aling, now of John Forster, a house…… To hold for ever, in free socage. Rent 53s 11d (Defaced. See Auditor Generals’ Patent Book vol 9 p 10) [10 Oct.xxv]
1598 6257(5015) “Pardon to John Lennan, late of Dublin, yeoman; who had pleaded guilty to an indictment of high treason before James Bellewe mayor of Dublin, H. Wallop vice treasurer, Geoffrey Fenton, principal secretary, Wm Bath justice, J Elliot baron, A. For the master in chancery and P. Sedgrave, learned in the laws, commissioners for that purpose, in the Tholsell Dublin [6 Nov., xl] (Cal. P.R. p.514)”
Richard pardon 6517
See Shane O’Lennan below
Nicholas pardon 6557 [not reproduced]
Shane pardon 6517
1601 6517(5367) “Pardon to… of Balle, Edmund… Rich. Lennan yeoman… O’Doran of Clonehastin..Denys o’Markechan, of Duffie, Shane O’Lennan, Donogh M Edmond and Shane boyel O Ferrayle of same. Excepting from pardon murder committed before their entry into rebellion intrusions on crown lands and debts to the crown [15 May xliii]”
Persons of the name pardoned 4997, 6190, 6500, 6517 (above), 6615, 6649, 6662, 6780
1587 4997(4185) “Pardon to Donogh M’Dermot duf m’Donell oge, yeoman Maurice M’Thomas of Kierycurihie, ploughman,…Connoghorroe O Lennan and Thady m’Dermody O’Regain yeomen,…co. Cork Provision as in 4965. Provided that they submit to orders touching their lands as in 4938 [17(?) May xxix]
1597 6190(5028) “Pardon to Edm. M’Shane O’Byrne…Morragh O’Loman…Shane O’Lennane.. Provisions as in 6125 [14 Dec xl] (Cal. P.R. p.499)”
1601 6500(5244) “Pardon to Rich. M Edm. O Depsie gent?? Peter m’Edm. O Dempsie of Rathrom,….of Baleowen, .. of Croghan….Ballieowen, Shane O Kean, Murtagh O’Lennan, Owen Fearrell Nich. O’Hirrell….of same husbandmen..of Croghan..Murtagh M’Glennan of same husbandmen…Kings Co.. Provisions as in 6466. Date destroyed. Lord Deputy warrant 28 April 1601.”
1602 6615(5407) “Pardon to John O’Greeffe of Ballyclare gent, Edm. O’Hogan of Dronenefinglas…Mahoune O’Connor of the Quryn, Donell O Lennan of the same, Tirlagh o Brien m Morrogh of Cahirmenan…Provisions as in 6573 [1 May xliv]” 1602 6649(5398) “Pardon to Redmond m Feagh m Hugh o Birne of kilbane, gent….of Moynallestrim, gent., Morish O Flaynn, Lisaugh bane O Teige, James O Lennan, Teige m Philip o Dowle, Edm. M Geralt O Toole, of Ballenecor…in co. of Dublin and Wexford. Provision as in 6629 [1 June xliv]”
1602 6662(5380) “Pardon to Tirlagh m Henry O Neale chief of the Fues in the province of Ulster…Provisions as in 6629. Date destroyed. Lord Deputys warrant dated 24 June 1602.”
1602-03 6780(5433) “Pardon to Edw. Herbert of the Durrow knt….O Hanly of Moynestererish…of Dorowe, ….Rowrie O Lennan of the Pase, Patr. Fleminge of Garnonstown…of the Carrick gentlemen in Kings co.. Provisions as in 6629 Excepting also any in prison or on bail. [1 April xlv] (Cal. P.R. p.636)”
Persons of the name pardoned 1714, 2159, 4913, 6549, 6714
1570-1 1714(1400) “Lease under commission 26 Sept ix, to Luke Dyllon esq chief baron; of messuages (many ruinous) and gardens in Trim now or late in tenure of…. Wynetavern street, a great waste messuage uncovered called the Blackhill in the Fayer – street, messuages (many ruinous) and gardens of Rory O’Kelly, Carbery Fox, Cornell Genen, John Coghan, William O’Ruddy without the North gate, Ferral O’Hanly, Hamlett O’Lenan, Malmory O’Doyn, Richard Hanley, Katherine Martell and a garde plot without the south gate….To hold for 21 years at a rent of £9 5s 10d [24 Feb xiii]”
1572 2159(1693) “Pardon to Richard fitz Nicholas Plunkett of Martirie co. Meath gent, Dowlin O’Murren of Ballymyhan same co., kern Katherine Walshe his wife and Peter O’Lenan of Ballymyhan same co., cottier [security as in 897 already reproduced] Fine 20s each [20 Oct xiv]”
1586 4913(4082) “Pardon to Edm m’Shane M’James of Tintobber…Shane O’Lenan of Monganfyne [provisions as in 4638] [30 July xxviii]”
1601 6549(5407) “Pardon to Arthur M’Dermot of the Newtown co. Carlow gent…of Ballinesbray…of Donlevan, Glassny M’Teige, Teige M Hugh, Connor O Lenan and Brean O Dolan of same husbandsmen..in cos. Carlow, Dublin and Wexford. Provisions as in 6466 [8 June xliii]”
1602 6714(5484) “Pardon to Owyn O Hagane of Tulloghoge, chief of his name gent…Morcertagh O Lenan…of same yeomen in the co of Tyrone in the province of Ulster. Submission in the co Tyrone and other provisions as in 6565 [22 Nov xlv] (Cal. P.R p.634)”

Court Book of the Liberty of Saint Sepulchre 1586-1590” Ed. Herbert Wood, Royal Society of Antiquarians of Ireland, 1930
O’Lemnan Patrick 76
Ballymore 1590. “The said jury findith that Christofer Ewstac of Hollwood, Thomas Ower McGilpatrick, Rory More, Donnylle Riaghe, Tege O Curran, William O Russhe, Donnyll o Cullenan, Patrick o Lemnan and John Morrishe are giltie of riolt for takin away of a mylston from the land of Blakston and that Richard Ewsta[ce] comawnd the stone to be mad wthout lisen.[illegible] of the L. or his lensey.”

p.33 24/7/1587 “Thomas Edwardus de Dublin taylor queritur vesus Johannem Linnam de Dublin alderman de placito transgrecionis ad dampnum xl – ffidesiuor [Fidejussor] Johannes Linam
Willielmus Lunam de Newstreet queritur versus Johannex Macy de Sainte Patrickstret de placito Xv s.ster.”

p.14 15/5/1587 “Jurator William Lyman of Ste Patristr”

p.21 26/5/1587 “Jurator Willielmus Lynam de eadem”

p.24 21/6/1587 “Willielmus Lyan fidejussor for the restoring of the gar[ ]”

p.33 “Willielmus Lunam de Newstreet queritur versus Johannem Macy de Sainte

p.61 1/6/1590 “Willielmus Lynnam de eadem Juratores”

p.62 “It is ordrid that the matter on controversy betwixd D[ ] and Willielmum Lynain is put to the order of William Bron and John Boucher to ende the same betwixt this and the next court day holden at Sainte Pulcers and to certif the Court thereof.”

p.64 aft. 1/6/1590 “Willielmus Lynnam de eadem Juratores”

p.79 4/11/1590 “re xxd of Lynan of Lusk in part payment ffor Robt Kist solvit 11j s d ster”

A Census of Ireland circa 1659” S. Pender, Stationery Office Dublin 1939
LENNAN pn 384, 468
384 Principal names 7 Barony of Neithercross, Co. Dublin
468 Principal names 5 Barony of Dundalk Lowth Co.
LENNAN, John 444
444 Kings Co. Baronry of Garriecastell, Parish Firbane, John Lennan, gentleman
LENAN pn 359, 396, 430, 483, 592
359 Carlow Lenan 13 Idrone & St Molins Barronies
396 Lenan and Lanan 07 Ophaly Baronry Kildare Co.
430 Town & Liberties of Callan Kilkenny Lenan 04
483 Linan & Lenan 09 Meath Duleek
592 Lenan 08 Roscommon Athlone Barony
LENAN, Manus 526
526 Westmeath Kilkenny Barony Donees parish, Manus Lenan gent
O LENNAN pn 465
465 O Lennan 10 barony of howth Co. Louth
O LENNANE pn 228
228 Cork Co. O Lennane 11 West Division of Carberry
GLANAN pn 516
516 Glanan 05 Westmeath Fertullagh Barony
GLENAN pn 523, 528, 592
523 Westmeath Farbill Barony Glenan 06
528 Westmeath Delvyn Barony Glenan & Glinan 08
GLINAN pn 528 (see above)

Parish Register Society of Dublin 1908

Register of the Union of Monkstown 1669-1786
No Glenn*n or Lenn*n

Register of St. Nicholas Without Dublin 1694-1739
LENAN, Jane 193
20/3/1712-13 Jane Lenan from Newroe page 82

Register of St. Andrew, St. Anne, St. Audeon & St. Bride 1632-1800
GLENNAN, Eliz 40: St. Andrew: Married 26/8/1785 by John Hewitt, vicar, John Lyons to Elizabeth Glennan c:Licence

Register of St John the Evangelist Dublin 1619-1699
No Glenn*n or Lenn*n

Register of St. Michan 1636-1700
LENON, Bryan 363, Marg 404, Walter 404
30/1/1686 Burial: Bryan, son of Bryan Lenon & Elizabeth his wife
21/6/1693 Burial Margeret, wife of Walter Lenon, tayler

Register of St. Peter & St. Kevin 1669-1761
LENON, James 111, Peter 111,132, Susanah 132
16/10/1687 Christening: James ye son of Peter & Mary Lenon of St Stephens St. p.188
6/7/1692 Christening Susanah ye daughter of Peter & Mary Lenon of St Stephens St. p.232

Register of St. Marie, St. Luke, St. Catherine & St. Werburg
14/10/1641 Tho. Lemen & Alice Gimet marriage
22/5/1627 Thos Leman & Kath. feeld, marriage

Registry of Deeds Dublin: Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1785-1832” Ellis & Eustace, Irish Manuscripts Commission 1984
p.324 29/4/1784 will of Henry Bingham Letitia Blake “Witness James Lennon & Dominick Blake gents city of Dublin attorneys”
p.176 14/5/1780 will of Goulden Edwar “Memorial witnessed by Jno Lennon of said city (Dublin)”
p.281 1/7/1800 will of “Caldbeck William city of Dublin Esq barrister. Witnesses Edm. Stanley Esq. 3rd Sergeant at Law Remegous Lennon and Jno Sherlock both of Dublin barristers.”
p.161 12/6/1783 will of Thomas Birnett. “Witnesses Wm. Lennon & John Griffin both of Dublin gents. Memorial witnesses by said Wm. Lennon and John Griffen.”

Registry of Deeds Dublin: Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1708-1745” ed. P. Beryl Eustace, Stationery Office 1956
p.333 6/3/1723 LENNAN, Derby will of Newbold Thomas “Witness Jno Russell Cullinagh…Derby Lennan Ballyfennan all in Queens County farmers”
p.482 14/8/1733 LINNANE, Wm witness of Powel, Giles, Co. Limerick glinlary

Registry of Deeds Dublin: Abstracts of Wills” Vol II 1746-1784
p.650 24/12/1781 GLENON, Thomas will of Mears Benjamin, Ballinderry Co. Westmeath distiller. “Witness Thomas Glenon Multifarn[h]am”
p.10 12/7/1746 GLINAN, Edmond Will of Kelly William Mucklo[o]n Co. Galway gent. “Witnesses Edmd. Glinan innkeeper and William McHugo gent, both of Mucklo[o]n.” Codicil by Mary wife of Edmond.
p.10 GLINAN, Mary, Will of Kelly William. Codicil by Mary Glinan wife of Edmond
p.156 20/3/1754 LENNAN, Henry. Will of Newstead, William of Bellgrove Queens Co. “His cousin Henry Lennan. His cousin Richard Newstead. His brother in law Thomas Barter. His wife Helena Newstead ex Grey. His uncle Landon Newstead. His mother in law Margret Barter. His sister in law Margret Grey. Land of Canistown”
p.44 22/12/1748 LENNON, Anthony. Will of Price, Herber, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Esq.. “To be privately buried at Mullingar. My sister Dudley Jervis. My grand daughter Ann Ambrose. My grand daughter Elinor Williamson. My son in law Anthony Lennon exor. My son in law Henry Guyon. My daughter Sabina Lennon. My daughter Catherine Lennon. My daughter Margt Guyon. 3 daughters Sabina, Catherine and Margt 1/3 each. “..cousin…Ormsby c.o.a plate to T.Da?vis?” [Note my transcription here unclear and could have come from p.347 entry]
p.44 22/12/1748 LENNON, Catherine (see Anthony)
p.44 22/12/1748 LENNON, Sabina (see Anthony)
p.347 11/4/1761 LENNON, William. Will of Mitchell, Anne, widow, Bellagalda, Co. Roscommon. Annuity arising out of lands of Derrynall (Derrynale) to William Lennon of Greyford, Esq.
p.526 11/8/1774 LENNON, John. Will of Dawson, Arthur, Baron of HM Court of Exchequer. “My servant John Lennon”.
p.568 7/3/1769 LENNON, William. Will of Bottoms, John, Tallagh, farmer. “Holdings of lands of Whitestowne…William Lennon’s holdings”
p.649 30/11/1781 LENNON, William. Will of Kelly, James, Grafton St Dublin grocer 30 November 1781 Full ½ p 15 Dec 1781. “£20 per. an. to Elizabeth Kelly for life £10 p.a. to Elizabeth Field for her care and attention to me. My brother Thomas Kelly. William Smith Dublin saddler exor…My holding in Grafton St. A bond from Sackvil Gardiner to James Kelly made over by me to George Kelly.. Witnesses Sylvestr Oliver Mathews gent. Wm. Lennon mariner, Rich. Purcell coach maker, all of Dublin.

Quaker Records Dublin: Abstracts of Wills” ed. P. Beryl Eustace & Olive C. Goodbody, Dublin, Stationery Office, 1957
LANAN, James 97. 25/5/1724 Will of Gunson, Josiah, Rathfarnum, farmer. “Witnesses Richard Corballis, James Lanan..”D.5.20

Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867”, Stationery Office Dublin 1982
Bernard, only s of John Belfast woolen draper and Mary Kelly over 16, ed. Royal Acad. Inst. Belfast afft father T1835
John, attorney Common Pleas c1734
Landon, 2nd son of Thomas, Colehill Co. Longford & Jane Nugent over 16, ed. p.t. M. 1813
Remiguis, 1st son of John, Athlone, decd. M.T. 4/4/1758 called 22/4/1763 T1764
William, attorney H.1783 William, 3rd s. of William, Dublin decd. & Sabina Guyon over 16 ed. Dublin afft father M.1795

The Kenmare Manuscripts” Edward MacLysaght Irish Manuscripts Commission 1942
No Lenn*n; O Lenn*n or Glenn*n

Super Index: A Compilation of available Irish Will Indexes 1270-1860” Gloria Bangerter
a separate spreadsheet is annexed

Landowners in Ireland, 1876
Dublin County Lennon, Christopher, Rock Rd. Merrion, 13A 0R 20p £365 15s
Dublin City Lennon, William G., 81 Haddington Rd., 2A 0R 35p £662 0s
Meath Lennon, Charles, Enfield, 266A 0R 30p £293 0s
Dublin County Mrs. Glennon, Elmville Terenure 1A 0R 25p £80 5s

From LDS microfilms.
Be it known that on the 5th day of June 1899 the last will of Joseph Glennon, late of Glena, Booterstown in the County of Dublin, Esquire deceased who died in or about the 1st day of May 1899 at same place was proved and registered in the principal registry…Evelyn Maud Glennon of Glena, widow of deceased the sole executrix..£21630 10 10 Estate Duty £861 15 3…£2000 to my nephew Christopher Glennon, £1000 to Eva Mansford niece of my wife…Joseph Glennon…James Goff & Lizzie Armstrong

St Andrews Registers, Westland Row, Dublin 1793-1798
29/10/1797 Christopher Lynch & Catherine Kearney. Witnesses Patrick Glennon and Eliza Glannon [Note: not a copy of the register but a handwritten transcription]

The Post Office Directories 1833, 1838, 1841, 1844, 1851, 1889
Separate spreadsheet is annexed

Dublin Historical Record, Index 1938-1977
No Glenn*n, no O’L*nn*n
Lennon, Fr. S.J. schoolmaster 1603: Vol. xii p.71
“….The Jesuits however had a chapel in Mass-lane (present Chancery Place beside the Four Courts) and they kept a school for the young. Fr. Henry Fitzsimon SJ returned to Dublin about 1597 clebrated High Mass with a variety of musical instruments, and instituted the Children of Mass Sodality. Apparently it was he who started the school in Mass Lane. At all events he was joined in 1603 by two other Jesuits Fathers Kearney and Lennon, in teaching the youth of Dublin. The school was still working in 1605. It may indeed have continued up to 1614, the year Catholic schools were suppressed…”
Lennon, John, grocer Lr. Camden St.: Vol. v p.82
“…It was in December 1839 when he was 17 years of age that McCall came to Dublin….He also worked for a time with John Lennon at 92 Lower Camden St…..” - A scribe of the Liberties: John McCall by B.P.Bowden BL, March May 1943
Leinin, daughter of: Issue ii p.70

Also of local interest:
The Dodder Valley by James Hegarty, Vol. II No. 2, Dec 1939, pps. 59-72

Belfast Directory 1880 & 1894
No William Lennan saddler there

Belfast Directory 1900
Lennan, Sons, & Co. Ltd. Harnessmakers, 126 Donegall St., 15 Arthur Sq. & Union St..

Directory of Historic Dublin Guilds” ed. Mary Clark & R.Refaussé, Dublin Public Libraries 1993
Saddlers, Upholders, Coach & Coach-harness makers, Bridle cutters & Wheelwrights Patron: Blessed Virgin Mary
The guild of saddlers was founded by charter issues by the Dublin City Assembly where it was ninth in order of precedence. In 1667 the guild was reincorporated by royal charter (29 Charles II) to include upholders (or upholsterers) coach & coach harness makers.
The swearing in day was the feast of the Annunciation (24 March).
Guild colours (1767) were crimson, white & green.
Meeting places: The guild met in Tailors Hall, Back Lane from the mid 18th Century until 1841.
Records surviving:
Address to the Duke of Leinster 1767 RCB Library
Book of […] c. 1767 (NLI MS81)
Bye Laws 1769 and 1792 (NLI MS81)
Admission of freemen 1776-92 (NLI MS 82)
Order from Deputy Earl Marshall instructing guild to depict coronets correctly on coaches (GO MS17 pp. 62-64)
Transcripts surviving:
Notes on saddlers guild (NA, TA 1436)

The Civil Survey AD 1654-1656” ed. Robert C. Simington, Stationery Office Dublin 1945
Vol VII Co. Dublin: No L
Vol VIII Co. Kildare No L
Vol X Miscellanea No L
Vol IX Co. Wexford
Vol VI Cos. Waterford, Cork
Vol V Co. Meath
Vol IV Co. Limerick
Vol II Co. Tipperary, West & North
Vol I Co. Tipperary, Eastern & Southern Baronies

Extents of Irish Monastic Possession 1540-1541” Stationery Office, Dublin, 1943
Lennan, Robert 318
318 1537 “St Marys Abbey Duleek OSA Abbey of Dueleke Co. Meath. Henry Waring: manor etc. of Dueleke 9li 17s 3d

… [Tithes and farmers]
Robert Lennan; r. of the Ridder; 23s 4d

½ year Mich 1537 Total 29li 9s 11d

Irish Marriages 1771-1812” Henry Farrar Vol II 1897
Walkers Hibernian Magazine
No “G”
LENNON Miss = Frizel, Henry Loftus ii 1792 384 / / Frizel, Henry Loftus=Lennon, Miss, d. of Counsellor, in Harcourt St. Oct. 1792 p. 384
LENNON Miss = Carey, W.P. i 1792 480 / / Carey, W.P., painter, engraver and printer of National Evening Star=Lennon, Miss, of Grafton St. May 1792 p. 480
LENNON Capt Walter of the Engineers on Madras estab = Saunders Martha d. of Lady Martha n. to Earl of Aldborough Feb 1795 p.192

Porters Guide to the Manufacturers and Shippers of Ireland” First Edition
No “L” no “G”

A dated list of Lennan variants is attached

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