James Lennan 1850-1920 descendants - photos


Mary Elizabeth (née Lennan) & Ernest Lewis

2.2K .jpg image of Mary Elizabeth wedding
Mary Elizabeth Lennan & Ernest Lewis (full image 17K)

3K .jpg image of Ernest James and Marjorie
Ernest James (son of Mary Elizabeth) and Marjorie Lewis (full image 18K)

2.6K .jpg image of Margaret and Grandmother
Margaret (née Lewis) and her grandmother Mary Elizabeth (née Lennan) (full image 23K)

3.4K .jpg image of Ernest James family
Ernest J. family - Chris, Shawn (Greg's son), Margaret, Douglas, Barbara (sister-in-law), Marjorie, Gregory & front Daniel & Amy (full image 19K)

2.6K .jpg image of Margaret Lennan Lewis
Erin Lennan Maglietta, Daniel Lewis Ackerman, Margaret, Amy Grace Ackerman (full image 23K)


Obviously most photos on all these pages were taken by others and have been kindly supplied, often at several removes, from the original taker. Should anyone have objections to their inclusion, any corrections to the description given, or further photos of the person in question, please contact me at either of the addresses on the index page of this site.

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