Italy, Dublin, USA, Kilkenny 2009

La Thuile, Aosta, February 2009

Village ski lift to village ski lifts Chateau Eden up to restaurant up to restaurant 2 Ian Trice and Rosalind igloo 1 igloo 2 La Riondet La Riondet - eating La Riondet - outside Ian composition Trice and Ian Trice takes photo road! 3 skiers 3 skiers 2 3 skiers 3 walk down 1 walk down 2 walk down 3 clear road down clear road down 2 over La Thuile hotel window hotel plate hotel plate 2 dinner High High 2 Trice high

Cottage, Omeath, March 2009

cottage 1 cottage 2 cottage 3 cottage 4 cottage 5 cottage 6 cottage 7 field to river cottage 9 Carlingford mountain Carlingford mountain Carlingford mountain 2 gorse

Dublin, March 2009, some memories

with Taoiseach's office Chestnut Road Secondary school Lennan grave

grandfather's house

Eoin Dorgan's wedding, 16 March 2009

bride and groom Mary couple Dorgans, bride and groom background observation with Hugh singing

Florida, April 2009

storm 1 storm 2

Philadelphia, April 2009

Philadelphia 1 Ken, Philadelphia

Philadelphia 2 Philadelphia 3  Philadelphia 4 Philadelphia 5 Philadelphia 6 Philadelphia 7 Philadelphia 8 Philadelphia 9 Philadelphia 10 Philadelphia 11 Philadelphia 12 Philadelphia 13 Philadelphia 14

To Kilkenny & back to Dublin, May 2009


Saddlers Saddler's white horse

Moone (visit to Celtic cross)

Cross 1 Cross 1 Cross 1

Cross 1 Cross 1 Cross 1

Kilkenny (Maureen)

Maureen née Lennan  Maureen née Lennan  Early bird special  Samsung photo!

Glasnevin cemetery: relations (Her's)

gravestone 1

gravestone 2 gravestone 3 gravestone 4 gravestone 5 gravestone 6

Deansgrange cemetery: relations (mine)

gravestone gravestone

Reverse of Laurence grave Laurence grave Hannah Lennan aka Austin née Carroll grave

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